Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Travel the World!

Here in this picture, I'm just standing in front of four world flags. I got these at Epcot in Walt Disney World!
I would sometime like to go to Japan to see Tokyo and the great people!
I would love to go to France to see the Eiffel Tower and spot a Bugatti!
I would really like to go to Canada and talk like Doug McKenzie!
But most of all, I would like to be with my family in the U.S.A.
Just my opinion of awesome countries and what I would do there.

Maybe not the Doug McKenzie thing, though. . .


  1. Bootcamp needs to get more flags at WDW this year.

    1. Yeah, I'm collecting them. And if I can find a create-your-own flag, maybe, I can put Bootcamp's head on it!

    2. That would be cool. There's enough fabric to make your own.

    3. I guess it would be. Maybe I can! :D